Putting a file on the ANSYS FTP Server

1.Before logging into the FTP server compress your file(s) with any standard compression utility, for example, Winzip or Gzip and save it to a directory without spaces in the name.

NOTE: The filename for all file(s) sent to the FTP site should start with the Service Request number for your call.

2.Open up a Command Prompt

3.Change directory to the directory where your compressed file is located.

4.Type: ftp <a target=_blank href="ftp.ansys.com">ftp.ansys.com</a>ftp.ansys.com

5.Login as: anonymous

6.Password: your email address

7.Type: cd /incoming/techsupp

8.Type: bin

9.Type: put filename

10.Type: quit (when finished)

Note: There may be firewall or proxy server issue at your site that prevent you from doing this. Please check with your system administrator.

Note: You can also attach files under 20 Mb size to your Service Request on the ANSYS Customer Portal.

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