Setting Processor Affinity - FLUENT 6.3.xx

You can use processor affinity to control application placement.

Process affinity can be set inside FLUENT with the following scheme command:

(set-affinity "node-id1 processor1 node-id2 processor2 ...")

For example, suppose you have two dual-proccessor machines and want to run a four-process FLUENT run and you wish to set node0 to processor0, node1 to processor1 of machine1, node2 to processor0, and node3 to processor1 of machine2.

In the FLUENT window type:

(set-affinity "0 0 1 1 2 0 3 1")

To automatically set affinity to the logical processor IDs, for example, if you run a two processor FLUENT job with a -t2 command on a dual processor machine, the default setting would be set to node0 to processor0, node1 to processor1

automatically set affinity:
(set-affinity "")

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