FLUENT 6.3 Network Parallel Firewall Exceptions

You can try adding these to the exceptions list to begin with. You will notice in the list below that I am just targeting 3D. If you run in 2D or double-precision then you will have to add those into the exceptions list. Not sure if you need the .lib files but I included them in case you do. If these machines are not the license server then you will not need to add port 7241 or lmgrd.exe and fluentlm.exe to the exceptions list. If one of the nodes is the license server you will need to add lmgrd.exe and fluentlm.exe from the C:Fluent.IncFSLM10.8ntx86 or win64 directory. This has not been tested so you might have to experiment.

*Files to Add to the Firewall Exceptions List*

By default the MPICH2 service is listening on port 8676. The HP-MPI service is listening on port 8636. MPI jobs will use any port available, which are dynamic.

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