System.FomatExeception: Input string was not in the correct format

Problem Description: When opening Workbench you receive the following error


Unhandled exception caught:
System.FomatExeception: Input string was not in the correct format.

Comments: This error occurs when the regional settings on a machine hold a `0` value for the `positive sign` setting. The `positive sign` setting is not visible via the Control Panel. Below are two possible solutions:

Resolution 1: If you have Windows registry access, run regedit and make sure this registry entry has a blank value, not a `0` value:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInternationalsPositiveSign

And to be safe, while you`re there, make sure the sNegativeSign entry is set to -, not 0.

1.Another possibility is to open Control Panel > Regional and Language Options, choosing `French (France)` in the Standards and Formats box, and choosing `France` in the Location box.
2.Click OK
3.Then re-open the regional settings and switch back to the original settings.
If the location is currently France then you would choose some other temporary language and location.

This exercise is cause Windows to reinitialize the positive sign setting in the registry.

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