Hummingbird Exceed 2006 Patches

*Patch Download*



*Installing the Patch*
1.Unzip the patch and run the self-extracting executable.
2.The Hummingbird Patch Wizard will guide you through the installation.
3.Select the Patch Installation Method. You can install the patch onto a locally installed product or onto an administrative image.
4.Click Next to install the patch.
5.If you want to view the patches available and their corresponding version numbers, please enable the check box "Disable automatic patch selection (you select the patches to install)". Click "Next" and then click on "Patch Details" for the selected patch.

*NOTE*You will need to have the original source files from the original media CD, local hard drive, or a shared network image.

*NOTE*The instructions must be carried out by the local administrator or administrative user.

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