Using RSM to Run Mechanical APDL

This document describes a method to use RSM job scripts specifically tailiored to the ANSYS solver.

1.Launch ANSYS Workbench Mechanical
2.Use Tools > Write Input File` to create an input file
a.Name the file remote.dat
b.Optionally add header info containing the executable path and solver command line (see notes below)
3.Open the RSM interface. Use Tools > Submit Job`
a.Use a Queue/Server set up to run ANSYS on a remote machine
b.Use `Local` queue to just run in the background locally
c.The Job template is located in `v121RSMConfigxmlAnsys_APDL.xml This file has most of the output files commented out. It should be customized for the output files desired. Or uncomment all the files.
d.The WorkingDirectory is where the input file is and where output files return
4.Use Tools > Read Results Files
Known Issues
The number of cpus is in the command line contained in the header generated by ANSYS WorkBench Mechanical. The header looks like this (there is a space after the !):

! ANSYS PARAMETERS: -b nolist -s noread -m 96 -db 32 -np 2 -p ane3fl

If the COMMAND contains `null` as shown or not found at all then it is determined by environment variables, or is assumed to be in the path.

Non-null command where the target was a Linux machine might look like this: `/ansys_inc/v121/ansys/bin/ansys121`.

The PARAMETERS line must be second so put something in the first line. If there is NO parameters line, the command line will just be:

ansys121 `i remote.dat `o solve.out (windows)
ansys121 < remote.dat > solve.out (unix)

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