Installing ANSYS V12 - sh.exe has stopped working

*Problem Description*
When trying to run setup.exe for ANSYS version 12.0 on Windows x64 the following error can occur if you have CygWin installed:

`sh.exe has stopped working`

The default installer that is supplied with ANSYS Preview 7 uses CygWin behind the scenes. These errors occur if the user has a version of CygWin installed on their machine that is newer than the version supplied with the installer. It is recommend that you try running the setup_beta.exe instead of setup.exe. Otherwise, the only way to work around this is to either rename or remove their locally installed cygwin path from the PATH variable, uninstall CygWin prior to running the install or temporarily replace the cygwin1.dll file on the system with the .dlls that comes with the installer.

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