How to orient profiles in FLUENT?

The Orient Profile documentation is very confusing when it comes to input fields under "Orient To..." in the Orient Profile panel in FLUENT.
When defining Center x,y,z coordinates under "Orient To...", make sure that x is the translation in 'x' direction from the centroid of the original plane to the centroid of the target plane where profile is to be imposed. Same applies to y and z inputs under Center. If the original plane does not need rotation along certain axes to get snapped to the target plane, use default X', Y' and Z' values. Otherwise, use the right hand rule to rotate and find out the new X', Y' and Z' unit vectors. For example, if original face is to be rotated about the X axis by 90 degrees to have the same orientation as the target plane,(remember, original plane still needs to be translated in order to get snapped on to the target plane) the Y' and Z' values will differ from defaults. Y' will point in the Z direction (+ or - depending upon the rotation) and Z' will point in the Y direction so that X'=i, Y'= + or - k and Z' = + or - j

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