Exception in PreRun: 'cscript.exe' //nologo test.js

Problem Description: When testing (RSM Client and RSM Remote server) locally the test server runs fine.
When testing the server from the client to the compute server you receive the following error:

Exception in PreRun: `cscript.exe` //nologo test.js

Resolution: Manually reinstall the RSM services on the remote server.

Installing RSM Services
RSM Services are required if the computer will be accessed by remote Clients (Manager Service required) or a remote Manager (Compute Server service required [aka ScriptHost]). Use the following steps to install the Manager and Compute Server services as required. Administrative privileges are required to perform these steps.

1.Be sure no Ans.Rsm.* processes are running in Task Manager.
2.Locate Ans.Deployment.Config.RSM.exe in the [RSMInstallDir]/bin directory.
3.Open a command prompt in this directory.
4.Run the command Ans.Deployment.Config.RSM.exe `mgr -svr.

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