FLUENT 12.1 Timeout Variable

Problem Description: When launching FLUENT from WorkBench may time out especially if you are submitting to an SGE or LSF queue. An environment variable for the timeout length has been added to FLUENT 12.1. The name of the variable is FLUENT_WB_MAX_STARTUP_WAIT . This is specified in minutes.

Comments: Default waiting time in Workbench : 1 minute wait for process startup, 5 minutes additional wait until final connection.

Resolution: Defining the variable "FLUENT_WB_MAX_STARTUP_WAIT"

Defining the variable "FLUENT_WB_MAX_STARTUP_WAIT" will take precedence.

If this is variable is defined both the process startup and final connection wait is equal to the defined value (in minutes) so the total delay until Workbench throws an exception is double than what is currently defined. The default is 6 minutes.

A value <=0 means WorkBench will wait indefinitely.

NOTE: Any environment definition in the FLUENT Launcher will not be accessible inside WorkBench.

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