CFX-Pre Failed to Connect to Workbench

CFX on the Windows operating system cannot start CFX-Pre. Or when CFX-Pre is started outside Workbench it takes a long time to start.

This problem is license related and often happens when the license server is located remotely The following sequence of steps should be followed to fix this issue:

1.Set the Environment Variable : CFX_DISABLE_PHYSICS_LICENSING = 1
2.Delete all unused License Servers in the /ansys_inc/shared files/licensing/ansyslmd.ini.
3.Go to the C:Windowssystem32driversetc directory. Open the hosts file and add a line giving the IP address and Host name of the license server.

*Additional Resolutions*
1.If the Windows Firewall is turned on you might need to add the following exceptions, cfx5pre.exe, cfx5post.exe and cfx5Solve.exe. These executables are located in C:Program FilesAnsys Incv110CFXbin.
2.Delete .cfx folder in C:Documents & Settings(USERID)

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