RSM Memory Settings on Microsoft Compute Cluster Server (CCS)

Problem Description: When solving RSM jobs on a Microsoft CCS cluster you are not able to set the memory settings in Workbench for use on the cluster.

There is a remote.dat transferred to the server with the correct settings but RSM submitted a command runansys.bat, and in this batch file there is not the memory settings from the remote.dat. The result is that a remote.dat file is transferred to the server with the correct parameters. However, when starting the job, RSM uses a file called runansys.bat. In the runansys.bat, there is the remote.dat as the input file listed, but the ANSYS start parameter from the remote.dat does not consider this file.


In general, ANSYS Workbench does a good job with the `db and `m settings. However, most often the problem is that the `db size is too small. You might see a file and might get degraded performance in pre and post processing if any post processing command are passed. Workbench does all postprocessing itself.

The `m size is usually just 50 MB bigger than the `db size and that just means we grow memory dynamically as we run through ANSYS/D-ANSYS.

However, the sizing isn't the issue. The issue is RSM logic is not executing the right command. The command should have the `m and `db sizes (the ones that originally come from Workbench) applied so that ANSYS starts with the correct options. You can always see the command line arguments printed at the top of the ANSYS output file. Those numbers are the actual memory settings used for the specific run.

The RSM develop ment team is making the necessary changes in the code to add this capability for ANSYS Workbench 12.0 version.

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