How do I assign a different zone ID in TGrid?

Running User Defined Functions in FLUENT cases often
requires the user to provide a zone ID.

Instead of recompiling the UDF to use it with a different
case file, you can adjust the ID of the zone in TGrid to match
the ID provided in the compiled UDF library.

For boundary zones, in the console window of TGrid, use the
text command:

/boundary/zone/id PRESENT_ID NEW_ID

For cell zones, use the text command:

/mesh/zone/id PRESENT_ID NEW_ID

In the above commands, PRESENT-ID is the current ID
associated with the zone, and the NEW_ID is the ID you
want to assign to that zone.

Please note that the NEW_ID must be different from any
existing zone ID, otherwise there will be an error message,
and the ID of the zone will not be modified.

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