Launching FLUENT without using the Microsoft Job Scheduler

If you do not wish to use the Microsoft Job Scheduler while running FLUENT, but you still want to use the Microsoft MPI, msmpi, you will need to stop the Microsoft Compute Cluster MPI Service through the Control Panel and start your own version of SMPD (the process manager for msmpi on Windows) using the following command on each host on which you want to run FLUENT:

start smpd -d 0

Note: The first time that you try to run FLUENT in parallel, a separate Command Prompt will open prompting you to verify the current Windows account that you are logged into. If you have a new account password, enter in your password and press the <Enter> key. If you want FLUENT to remember your password on this machine, press the Y key and press the <Enter> key. Once the username and password have been verifed and encrypted into the Windows Registry, then FLUENT parallel will launch.

To configure FLUENT Network Parallel - FLUENT 6.3 (See Related Solution 2018376), first open up a command prompt and type:

fluent 3d -mpi=ms -cnf=host.txt -t4

Where -mpi=ms instructs FLUENT to use the Microsoft MPI (msmpi) daemon. Where -cnf-host.txt instructs FLUENT to read in a text file with the names of the compute nodes to spawn on and -t4 instructs FLUENT to run on 4 processors in this example.

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