CFX Launch Issue - Microsoft HPC 2008 Server

Problem Description: In the CFX Launcher and after submitting a job to the Microsoft HPC 2008 Server Cluster it hangs when trying to locate the cfxccs_options.txt file in the``MAPPING`, then prompts the user for the username and password twice, then fails with a ### error code.

In some cases it is looking for this file in the CFX_USER_CONFIG_DIR which is reporting, based on looking at CFX startup variables to be : C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataCFX-5. This directory does not exist; therefore the options file cannot be located.

To check this CFX variable open up the CFX Launcher and choose the Show menu > Show Variables. Choose the Edit menu > Find and enter: CFX_USER_CONFIG_DIR. Check the value. If it is showing C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataCFX-5 as the value proceed to the Resolution.

Resolution : Create a CFX_USER_CONFIG_DIR User environment variable with a value of %USERPROFILE%.cfx

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