FLEXlm: Undetermined

Problem Description: On the Server ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility the status window shows "Undetermined Status"

ANSYS, Inc. License Manager

Licensing Interconnect: running
Licensing Interconnect Monitor: Undetermined
FLEXlm: Undetermined

Resolution: To determine whether the Licensing Interconnect Monitor and FLEXlm are running, the ANSLIC_ADMIN utility uses an executable that is part of the Windows operating system. However, it is not supplied for some of the low-end or older Windows operating systems such as the Windows XP Home Edition or Windows Server 2000.

The ANSLIC_ADMIN utility expects this executable to be located in the %SYSTEMROOT%system32 directory where it is installed on machines which it is provided as part of the operating system. (If the SYSTEMROOT environment variable isn't set, then it uses c:windowssystem32.)

The executable is not available by default on Windows XP Home Edition, Windows Server 2000, and on earlier Windows operating systems. Make sure that the operating system of the license server is at least Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003.

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