How do I configure an external three-button mouse to zoom in FLUENT on a laptop?

Configuring an external three-button mouse to zoom in FLUENT on a laptop.

In many laptops the configuration for mouse settings is set to enable both an external mouse as well as the built in mouse, for example, a touchpad mouse. If you plug in an external mouse and want to take advantage of the middle button for zooming in FLUENT you will need to go into the computer's setup program and change the PS/2 settings. The setup program and how to enter it will vary from computer to computer. On many computers it requires you to hit a key on bootup, for example, the F2 key.

Once you are in the Setup program look for the Peripheral Setup either in the Advanced Menu or in many HP systems there will be a System Devices Menu option.

Locate the PS/2 settings. On many HP laptops under System Devices Menu, the PS/2 Pointing Devices is set to "Both" meaning that the internal as well as an external mouse will function. However, this setting will not allow you to configure the middle mouse button on an external mouse.

Change the settings to "Auto" for PS/2 Pointing Devices. Changing this setting to "Auto" will disable the internal mouse allowing full functionality of the external mouse.

Note: If you are on the road and need to use the internal mouse disconnect the external mouse and reboot.

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