at (wrapper managed-to-native) Ans.ComponentSystem.Interop.MiniCom.Ans

Problem Description: When trying to run Workbench on Linux you receive the following error (in part):

at (wrapper managed-to-native) Ans.ComponentSystem.Interop.MiniCom.AnsCoCreateInstance (System.Guid,object,uint,System.Guid,intptr&) <0x000a1>
at (wrapper managed-to-native) Ans.ComponentSystem. Interop.MiniCom.AnsCoCreateInstance

Native stacktrace:

/ansys_inc/v121/Tools/mono/Linux64/bin/mono [0x48d4c7]
/ansys_inc/v121/Tools/mono/Linux64/bin/mono [0x4c3272]
/lib64/ [0x2ab0c4b14c00]
/lib64/ [0x2ab0c4de3094]
/lib64/ [0x2ab0c4de4f56]
/lib64/ [0x2ab0c4da7aea]

Comments: The default language uses comma as separator for floating point values. For languages using the digit as separator it should not be necessary to switch the LANG variable.


The work-around is to set the environment variable to specify the language before launching Workbench:

in the Bash shell:

export LANG=EN

in the C-shell

setenv LANG EN

It is also recommended to supply information on the keyboard used, for example for a German keyboard, "export LANG=en_de" to avoid uncomfortable keyboard settings.

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