Configuring the RSH Client

The remote shell client ( rsh ), is widely deployed and used. It is generally easy to configure, and involves adding all the machine names, each on a single line, to the .rhosts file in your home directory.

If you refer to the machine you are currently logged on as the `client', and if you refer to the remote machine to which you seek password-less login as the `server', then on the server, you can add the name of your client machine to the .rhosts file. The name could be a local name or a fully qualified name with the domain suffix. Similarly, you can add other clients from which you require similar access to this server. These machines are then "trusted" and remote access is allowed without the further need for a password. This setup assumes you have the same userid on all the machines. Otherwise, each line in the .rhosts file would need to contain the machine name as well as the user id for the client that you want access to. Please refer to your system documentation for further usage options.

Note that for security purposes, the .rhosts file must be readable only by the user.

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