How do I export a surface mesh from GAMBIT?

The users need sometime to export a mix of surface mesh and volume mesh from Gambit
ot further pre-process in TGrid.
In other situations, the users need to export just a few meshed surfaces of a Gambit geometry,
eventually to use those surface meshes in TGrid, or in another Gambit session.
In GAMBIT 2.0.4 nothing special needs to be done in order
to export surface and volume mesh.

If you have a geometry where some volumes are meshed
and others are not, but
there is surface mesh, do not change any defaults, simply
export the mesh. The entire mesh will be exported as well as
any names specified in Boundary / Continuum Types. All the
external surface mesh that is not part of named Boundary
Types will be lumped into a "wall" boundary.

If you want to export only the surface mesh from GAMBIT,
hence avoid exporting any volume mesh, change both the
following flags in Edit>Defaults>File I/O>Fluent5:

(the default value is 0)

(the default value is 0)

With these settings, you will be able to export only the
surface mesh on the faces which are part of the defined
boundary types. The volume mesh and the rest of the surface
mesh will not be exported.

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