Unable to spawn node: license not available or Multiple Fluentlm-helper processes are spawned

Problem Description 1: You are able to run multiple serial processes of FLUENT but when you try to run a parallel job you receive this error: "Unable to spawn node: license not available". The behavior has only been seen on lnamd64 and lnia64 platforms.

Problem Description 2: Multiple fluentlm-helper processes are started as the number of parallel compute nodes increase.

Both issues are probably related to the fluentlm-helper which sometimes has hardware issues. A new license library was built that does not use the fluentlm-helper.

Fluentlm-helper translates 64bit communication from flexm to our 32bit binaries.

Resolution: Please download and extract the following zip file, liblic91.zip, containing a newer license library that does not use fluentlm-helper. On the license server and ANY client machines running on lnamd64 rename the existing Fluent.Inc/license/lnamd64/liblic91.so file and then replace it with the unzipped file (liblic91.so).

NOTE: This behavior has been fixed in the next release of FLUENT.

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I can't find where to download the zip file,liblic91.zip
SONG Ping, Wed Apr 23, 2014