AWP Global Preference ... Failed Determining Temp Directory Location

Problem Description: When installing ANSYS Workbench 11.0 on Linux 64-bit and trying to start Workbench (through the launcher or directly from the shell) a splash window appears and then an error message box titled "AWP Global Preference" with the text "Failed determining temp directory location!".


1.Remove the following files from the /tmp directory

rm `rf /tmp/MW*
rm `rf /tmp/Mw*
mv ~/.mw ~/.mw.old
$INSTALLDIR/v110/aisol/workbench `cmd mwcleanup -s

The first and the second commands are to clean the MW and MW files from the /tmp directory so that next time Workbench is started they will be created with all the default settings.

The third command .mw is in the user's home directory. It will also be created next time you start Workbench with all the default settings.

The last command using mwcleanup is to clean up any hanging process that may be running.

2.Run Workbench again.

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