Remote Solve Manager (RSM) 11.0 SP1 does not support csh shell on Unix/linux

Problem Description:
After installing Workbench 11.0 SP1 RSM gives an error that csh shell is not supported.

Below are some excerpts from the log file:
Connectivity test successful. (12/1/2008 11:02:50 AM)
Compute proxy shell type determined to be: csh (12/01/2008 11:02:54 AM)
csh Shell is not supported. Terminating Job. (12/01/2008 11:02:54 AM)
Job script Run completed... (12/01/2008 11:02:54 AM)
Script execution completed. (12/01/2008 11:02:55 AM)
Retrieving output files from c:templx3nhzaz.n0c. (12/01/2008 11:02:55 AM)
No matching files found for item: *.out. (12/01/2008 11:02:55 AM)
Job ended normally (12/01/2008 11:02:55 AM)

This is by design. csh was disabled in RSM 11.0 SP1 due to incompatibilities with older csh shells.

To resolve this you must switch the shell to tcsh or bash. tcsh works the same as csh and switching to this shell you should not experience any problems with any scripts you have written.

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