tar: Fluent.Inc/... - cannot create

Comments: The installation of the first FLUENT 6.3.26 tarfile completed with no problem, however, on the next installation you might get messages similar to what is below:

Installing packages...

tar: Fluent.Inc/bin/Read.Me - cannot create
tar: Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent_sysinfo - cannot create
tar: Fluent.Inc/bin/videocmd - cannot create
tar: Fluent.Inc/lib3.0/fonts/amie.pfa - cannot create
tar: Fluent.Inc/lib3.0/fonts/cave.pfa - cannot create
tar: Fluent.Inc/lib3.0/fonts/curly.pfa - cannot create
tar: Fluent.Inc/lib3.0/fonts/haeberli.pfa - cannot create
tar: Fluent.Inc/lib3.0/fonts/honesty.pfa - cannot create

Resolution: Each FLUENT tarfile contains several files that are common to all tarfiles.
On some systems these files may be read-only. In this case the files may not be overwritten during the installation of the next tarfile. Since the files are already installed these messages can be ignored.

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