FLUENT - Tips to workaround the issue of not being able to play an mpeg file created by Fluent software (using mpeg_encode) on Windows NT / 2000 platforms

When you create a mpeg animation from Fluent software (which uses the Berkeley mpeg encoder "mpeg_encode"), this sometimes cannot be played by the Windows media player (standard mpeg player under Windows NT / 2000.
This may be due to the fact that the size of the mpeg animation (pixels) exceeds the mpeg-1 standard, which allows nothing bigger than 768x576 pixels.
Another reason may be that the MPEG-1 standard doesn't allow any bitrate higher than 1856000. So you may have to restrict this value in order to have the Windows Media Player play your animation. This will affect quality of the animation!
To workaround this, there are several different ways:
1. Make the animation not bigger than 768x576 pixels in size, resp. set BIT_RATE in the mpeg_encode parameter file to not more than 1856000
2. Grab "mpegw32h.zip" from the internet, install it, use it [doesn't play "large" files unless you "register" your use (i.e. pay for it)..!:-(].
3. Grab "vmpeg17.exe" from the internet, install it, use it. -- Works fine!
To find these shareware mpeg players, you may want to use <a target=_blank href="ftpsearch.lycos.com">ftpsearch.lycos.com</a>ftpsearch.lycos.com (aka download.lycos.com), if you cannot find any other ftp search engine on the web.
At least for Windows2000, you will need administrator rights to install this software.

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