FLUENT - how to control font size of printed time on plots for unsteady problems

How to specify annotation location without mouse
You can use the following:

(cx-annotate '(x1 y1 z1) '(x2 y2 z2) alignment text)

first point: (list of x,y, and z numbers)
is the position of the start of the attatchment line
For no attachment, just use a blank list ().

second point: is the end of the attatchment line and where the
text is placed

aligment: string indicating how text is aligned to the points
"<" left edge, ">" right edge, or "*" centered

text: text string to use. Again, USE DOUBLE QUOTES.

The rules for positioning are as follows:

In a 3d display, the position should match the domain
(although in SI units, not the current units)
In an xy plot, try picking points that would correlate to the current axis (as if plotting the text).

You can change the font size as follows (this example
changes the font size to 20)

(cxsetvar 'annotate/font/size "20")

This command would need to come before the annotation

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