GAMBIT - loss of all journal file information when the session is re-started and a save command is issued

This is not actually a GAMBIT problem but is more related to differences in operating systems. DOS /windows are not case sensitive however, GAMBIT is !

The problem you have is if you start a GAMBIT session with a name, for example, Geometry01

If this is saved and GAMBIT exited and you then start GAMBIT again but start the saved session as geometry01 (lower case 'g')

You get the same database file as dos is not case sensitive. However, if you make a save command the journal file is completely overwritten and you will lose all data previously contained in the journal file Geoemtry01.jou which will be saved as geometry01.jou.

Always ensure that you use the correct case (upper or lower) when starting and saving files in gambit. If you use this like in unix (which is case sensitive) you will not have this problem.

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