ICEPAK FAQ: Are there any resources available for Icepak users on the web?

Are there any resources available for Icepak users on the web?
I would like to introduce you to some of the user support facilities we have on the web in addition to email and phone support. In order to avail this, you must resister online at the Icepak site:

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A user ID and password will be generated and sent to you after you register. With the user ID and password you can access the Online Technical support database under ...

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You can log a case at this site. Logging a case under this site has the following advantages ...

The case enters our database and hence there is a transparent record of your interaction that can be viewed by you as well as your support engineer.

You can always call your support engineer in addition to logging the case.

Actions taken by the support engineer will be logged. So you can check the status of your case without having to call up support engineer.

Transparent information makes it easy for another support engineer to start helping you if your primary support engineer is out of office.

In addition to the loggable support case, the Online support Center also contains a database of solutions posted by your support team to commonly encountered electronics cooling and Icepak usage issues.

The Icepak user service center also contains an ever growing resource we offer only to Icepak customers. These include, Icepak usage related items such as ...

Training materials
Patch updates
Release Notes
User guide
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

..... as well as general thermal modeling related items such as

Discussion Forum
Fan curves
IC package compactmodels
PCB models
Thermo electric cooler models
Solar irradiation flux calculator
Heat sink macros
Blower models
and much more...

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