Icepak FAQ: Restarting a Transient Icepak run using interpolated data

Icepak 3.2.14 nolonger has the feature to allow the user to restart a transient problem using interpolated data.
Sometimes in Fluent, if the user tries to restart using the full data an error occurs (divergence detected in amg solver).
I think this happens when the geometry or boundary conditions have changed slightly so the new problem is translated into Fluent Case file slightly differently to the problem from which you want to start the solution from.

To get round this:
Choose the solution you want to start from in SOlution/SOlve (eg: xxx.dat)
Choose edit case file option
When Icepak starts editing session open the solution_id.uns_in file and change the line
file/read-data xxx.fdat
file/interpolate/read-data xxx.dat

save and then close down the case file editing session.

Icepak will then resume the solution process and interpolate the data... etc...

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