Users want to know directly what is the NAME of a zone with a given ID

This is a question heard from many users who wanted to find out quickly what is the NAME of a zone, given the ID
of that zone. The reasons for having the ID of a zone, but not the name of the zone
may be warning / error messages displayed by FLUENT about the zone (they contain information about
the type and the ID of the zones, e.g.
"reversed flow in 76 faces on pressure-outlet 3"

Type the text command

/def/bc/zone-name ID

then press ENTER twice. In between, FLUENT will display the name of the zone
between [] paranthesis, as in the following example, where the name "fan-porous"
of the zone with the ID of 2 is displayed quickly:

/def/bc/zone-name 2
Zone Name [fan-porous]

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