Compiled UDF: compatibility issues between sun ultra family of workstations

A UDF compiled on the latest sun workstations (ULTRASPARC-III chip) will not load on an older sun workstation or server that uses the ULTRASPARC-II chip. The error reported is:

Opening library
Error: open_udf_library: 2816
Error Object: #f

The makefile as provided by Fluent assumes compilation for "native" architecture. (If you look at the compile report being generated, you will see a warning to such effect).

A workaround is to add
to the variable CCFLAGS_ULTRA. e.g. to compile for 6500 servers or any other sun machines based on the SPARC-II processor, set
CCFLAGS_ULTRA = -KPIC -fast -v -Xc -xtarget=ultra2

This library works on both the SPARC-III machine, as well as the SPARC-II machine. Note: this library is to be compiled on the SPARC-III machine.

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