In de-icing (defrost) simulation, need to make ice layer to "laminar zone" in v6.0.x

In defrost simulation, the solidus temperature (Ts) and the liquidus temperature (Tl) is set to very low values in the air region to avoid air to solidify - a common practice.

In V5.x, the following properties were recommended in air to avoid solidification:
Melting Heat: 1 j/kg

But if the above settings are used in v6.0.x for air, the ice-layer does not melt! Significant enhancements are made to solidification/melting model in v6.0.x.

The workaround in v6.0.x is to use the following properties for air:
Melting Heat=1 j/kg,

The above setting will allow melting. ALSO, you need to impose "Laminar Zone" in the ice-layer. Without this, the defrost pattern will be delayed significantly in v6.0.x!

The new recommended air settings in v6.x was tested on the de-icing tutorial. The results matched with that obtained using v5.x using the old settings.

Note that in v6.1, it will not be necessary to follow the above settings - the default values for air properties should be fine.

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