When trying to launch FLUENT from a Windows 7 client to a Windows 2008 HPC Server R2 you receive the following error in the FLUENT window:
'job' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Windows has a 260 character limit in the PATH variable. When installing Microsoft HPC 2008 R2 Client software it appends the bin path to the beginning of the PATH system variable. When the 260 character limit was reached it throws the following entry, namely the bin path of the HPC client software, in the FLUENT window.

To verify if this is the root cause of the error thrown type: path in a Command Window. It should confirm that the output of path is missing the path to the HPC client bin directory.

Resolution: Trim the System PATH variable so that it does not exceed the 260 character Windows limit.

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