SGI & VMPI: array services not available - what to do?

Suppose you are trying to run on one or several SGIs in parallel - you launch Fluent but it reports:

MPI: asgetnetinfo_array('(null)') failed : array services not available
Client interrupted.
The problem is most probably related to the age or the installation of SGI's MPT (message passing toolkit) and array services.

First check whether the array services are turned on by issuing the command "chkconfig | grep array". If it returns:
array off
then you should issue the command "chkconfig array on". After that you should startup the array daemon by typing the command "/etc/init.d/array start". You probably need root privileges to do this. Now try Fluent again.

If unsuccessful, you might try re-installing the MPT and array services from your SGI CD. Then log out and log back in, in order to update paths, etc. You may have to re-start the array services. Then try Fluent again.

If unsuccessful, your MPT and array services may be too old. You can check their age by issuing the commands "versions -n mpi"
and "versions -n arraysvcs". Armed with that information, you should contact your support engineer (who may tell you to contact SGI at this point).

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