When trying to spawn to a remote Windows computer you get the error message similar to what is below: Unable to spawn Node 1 on machine computer2" (unix). Node 0 unable to spawn process on machine "computer2".

This error always indicates a setup problem with, ususally, RSHD.

The best resolution is to stop using RSHD as it has stability issues. For FLUENT 6.2.16 we support MPICH1 and for FLUENT 6.3.xx we support MPICH2 or MSMPI.

If you are unable to upgrade to one of the more stable MPI's please follow the suggestions below for a resolution:

1.Log on to all of the computers that you are using for parallel processing.
2.If you are sitting at computer1, at the command prompt type: rsh computer2 dir. If you are able to rsh to computer 2 successfully you will see a directory listing of files in the system directory. Perform the same procedure for all computers on the cluster.
Note: If you get a message 'Permission Denied' check the RSH setup on the computer you cannot contact.

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