Question regarding initializing file for MHD module

The external magnetic field data format for MAGNA is written in Fluent6 mhd manual.
For test, we made the simple file which is formated MAGNA but cannot initialize with this file.

If we know the external magnetic field data by experiment, how can I use this data for Fluent6 mhd module.

1. There is a typing error in the MHD User Guide regarding the external magnetic field data fiel format (Appendix B). The first line in the data file should be MAG-DATA instead of MAG_DATA as shown in the Guide.

2. It is possible to use the external magnetic data from experiments. The data is saved in the format as described in the MHD User Guide. The range covered by the field data and the number of data points in each direction are determined by the user. It should be noted that the saved data points must be evenly distributed in all three (X, Y, Z) directions. For DC data the imaginary components of each data point are set to zero.

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