Missing files from the Force Monitors Panel

If files from the Force Monitors Panel appear to be missing after running a case, do not panic.
If Fluent is started from Start > Programs > Fluent Inc > Fluent, and a case file is selected from the list of most recent cases, rather than from File > Read > Case, files from the Force Monitors panel will be written to the root directory on the C-drive. If they are not in the root directory on the C-drive, go to Start > Programs > Fluent Inc, right click on the Fluent Icon and select Properties from the menu. A panel titled "Fluent 6.0 Properties" will appear. Click on the Shortcut tab on that panel. Roughly in the middle of the panel, there will be a field titled "Start in:". The Force Monitors files can be found in whatever directory is specified in that field.

In order to ensure that the cd-history, cm-history, etc. files are written to the same directory as the case and data files, the case file should be read from File > Read > Case instead of the list of recent files or Fluent should be started from a DOS window.

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