Export of forces in Nastran format through TUI

No command is available in Fluent6.0.20 to export forces in Nastran format through TUI.

Scheme file attached at the end of this text would allow to export force in NASTRAN format through TUI. The usuage of which is as follows:

1)Read the case and data file in Fluent session

2)Load the scheme file(nastran.scm) through tui by (load 'nastran.scm) with braces included.

3)Commands for exporting data:

a)other scalars aren't exported:

/file/export/nastran filename surface-names , yes quit

b)other scalars like velocity is also exported:

/file/export/nastran filename surface-names , yes velocity quit

Scheme File:


(define (ti-write-nastran . fn)
(set! fn (if (pair? fn)
(car fn)
(or (read-filename "NASTRAN file name" #f)
(cx-error-dialog "ti-write-nastran: null filename"))))
(let* ((surfaces (read-surface-id-list "Surfaces" '()
"List of surfaces to export."))
(loads (if (y-or-n? "Write loads at boundaries?" #f)
'("heat-flux" "temperature" "force")
(let loop ((scalars '()))
(let ((what (pick-cell-function
(format #f "NASTRAN scalar(~a)"
(1+ (length scalars))))))
(if what
(loop (cons what scalars))
(write-nastran fn scalars loads surfaces))))))


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