Information on starting Fluent process with different options

Provide some information on the different options available when starting a FLUENT process.
1) Using option -cl
While starting the FLUENT process it is possible to pass some arguments like increasing the stack
size or heap size as shown below:
fluent -cl -s800000 or
fluent -cl -h100000
This will increase stack size or heap size of the FLUENT process, you can also increase both at the same time.
To view the heap and stack size allocation,
type (gc-status) in the cortex window, the heap and stack size will be displayed in the Unix console.

2) -cxarg, To increase the heap size or stack size of cortex side this option can be used.

3) -cx, Some times it happens that Fluent process gets killed but cortex is alive. In such cases it is possible to
connect a new fluent process to the existing cortex process. Some time we get an error on Fluent console such as:

"EOF on stderr. The fluent process could not be started".
In such cases this command is useful.

A small example to illustrate the use of this option:
Start fluent with following command
fluent -cl -s80 &
A cortex window will be opened and it will give the above mentioned error.
Type following command in the cortex window
this will ask for the time, specify some time like say, 120
following message will be printed in the Fluent console:
Start a solver with arguments -cx machine-name:#:#, where # is a number.
then start fluent with the follwoing command
fluent -cx machine-name:#:# version &
This will start a new Fluent process in the existing Cortex process. This will save you from having to start a new cortex process.

4) -hcl, When Fluent is run in parallel version to increase the heap or stack size of the host node this command can be used, it is for two nodes
fluent -hcl -s800000 -t2 2d & or fluent -hcl -s800000 -h1000000 -t2 2d &

5) -ncl, to increase the heap or stack size of the node which is used for parallel version,
fluent -ncl -s800000 -t2 2d & or fluent -ncl -s800000 -h1000000 -t2 2d &

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