How to open a .dbs files on W2K platform by simply double clicking on it.

In case of Gambit .dbs files, one has to open a DOS shell, then change directory to the target folder where the .dbs file is and then typing
gambit -id <filename>.

W2K users are more used to just clinking a file name to open it. Here is how to do it for gambit .dbs files.
Simply right click on the .dbs file; a menu pops up with some options.
Select Open With.
Select Choose Program...
Open With panel pops up. In this panel, click on Other...
Now, you are ready to choose an application file (in this case gambit.exe)
The gambit.exe file is sitting in FLUENT.INC/ntbin/ntx86 folder
Browse to this folder and select gambit.exe file among the many .exe files you will see in the ntx86 folder.
Before you click OK in the panel that has a list of program icons, turn the option ON that reads "Always use this program to open these files".
You are all set. Now, simply double click on any .dbs file and gambit will launch with that .dbs file.

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