Post-processing 3D simulations

How do I see the interior of 3D geometries when post-processing in FIPOST?
First you must orient your model to be viewed along a convenient direction. This is done using the DISPLAY command where you pick the X, Y, and/or Z viewing direction. For example, if you want to view along the X-axis, then simply go to the DISPLAY panel and then check the "VIEW X DIRECTION" box. The PLANE command can be used to create the viewing plane. Typically, one goes to the PLANE panel, and sets:


After hitting ACCEPT, the full model will appear in the FIPOST window in the orientation specified by the DISPLAY command. For plane creation, position the mouse in the FIPOST window and hit "i" on the keyboard if you want to cut the model in the x-direction (these are now screen coordinates) and "j" if you want to cut in the y-direction. Use the left mouse to select a point on the cutting plane. A new line should appear in the model, this line represents one side of the viewing plane. You can reorient the model in the window by hitting "o" and dragging with the left mouse. Issue a post-processing command, e.g. CONTOUR or VECTOR, to see results on your cut plane.

Note that you can drag the cut plane in the normal direction by hitting "k" and then holding the left mouse button while dragging the plane forward and backward in the model.

You can view the full model again by issuing a PLANE(FULL) command.

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