Errors While making Grid interfaces:

force-sharedSome times following errors are encountered while making grid interfaces in FLUENT:

Error: Compute-edge-planes: Degenerate faces


Error: Internal error at line 6727 in file 'slide.c'.

Error Object: #f

Error: Poly triangulate

Error Object: ()

The possible reasons behind this errors are :

1) Large size jump across the interface
2) High aspect ration cells normal to the interface.
3) Shared edges between interfaces.

Most of the times, above Errors can be rectified using the methods given below:

1) To use following scheme commands before creating the interface:

(rpsetvar 'nonconformal/cell-faces 0)
(rpsetvar 'nonconformal/force-shared-nodes-to-boundary 0)

2) To alter the sequence of choosing the interfaces. That is, if you have chosen init-a and init-b for creating interface and it resulted in error then, try with init-b and init-a in the second attempt.

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