Display pathlines in Fluent 6.1.18 - workaround when problems arise

In Fluent 6.1.18 - the latest release of the solver, a problem with displaying pathlines / particle tracks may arise when releasing the
pathlines from surfaces which are on the boundary of the computational domain.
The problem shows up as a large cpu time is needed to display the pathlines / particle tracks and it was documented in internal
bug report, is marked as fixed. Below a workaround is provided.
Workaround is to create a surface next to the boundary zone from which the pathlines / particle tracks were to be released
originally. The surface has to lie completely inside the domain and patlines / particle tracks should be from it instead
from the boundary zone. The way to create the surface depends on the shape and position of the boundary
zone in the domain. For example, a Surface>Transform functionality can be used.

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