Exporting coordinates of vertices from Gambit

There might be a need to export coordinates of vertices from Gambit. This can be done via journal file.
Journal file attached at the end of following notes when run in Gambit would write co-ordinates of vertices created in Gambit. The inputs to the journal file are as follows:

1) Name of the output file to which the coordinates are written.

2) The total number of vertices in the geometry($max).

/File Name-->"coordinates"
temp open ("coordinates")
temp write " "

/ Number of vertices in the geometry

$max = 8

$j = LISTENTITY(t_ve)

do para "$k" init 1 cond($k.le.$max) incr 1
do para "$x1" init 1 cond ($x1.le.3) incr 1
temp write ntos($a[$x1])
if cond ($x1.le.2)
temp write " , "
temp write " n "
temp close

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