When reading in a large mesh or case file on 2 or more computers you get the following error: 999999 (....srcmpsystem.c@1210): mpt_read: failed: errno = 10054
999999: mpt_read: error: read failed trying to read 4 bytes: No such file or directory

The problem is usually because you ran out of memory.

By default, the partitioner in FLUENT is "principal axis" which uses up a lot of memory. You can set a different partitioning method before reading the mesh or case file. If you are using MPICH as the communicator we recommend using the Metis partitioner.

Start FLUENT in network parallel with 4 or more processors and plenty of memory.

1.In FLUENT select the "Parallel" menu
2.Choose "Auto Partition"
3.Unselect "Case File"
4.Select "Metis" as the partition method
5.Choose OK
You should now be able to load the mesh or case file without memory problems.

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