Mixsim2: Windows: Cannot use ACIS CAD file for impeller definition -- Gambit doesn't find the file

I'm trying to define an impeller using my own ACIS (.sat) CAD file through the "Custom by ACIS file" impeller object. But when the Gambit process inside MixSim is supposed to import the file, it just cannot find it.
The file is in the current working directory for the MixSim process, or the path to it is specified relatively to that directory's location.

If the ACIS (.sat) file is placed in the directory ...Fluent.Incmixsim2.0Mixsim-Object-Library, particular problems may appear -- see resolution no. 2 of this Solution.

Explanation: On Windows, the Gambit process inside MixSim must be run with the user's "$HOME" directory as the current work directory. Therefore, the file cannot be found by the Gambit process.

Workaround: Specify an absolute path together with the file name!

This is valid for Windows -- on Linux, this problem should not appear, or, if it does, has a different root.If the ACIS (.sat) file is placed in the directory ...Fluent.Incmixsim2.0Mixsim-Object-Library, MixSim is supposed to find it without the absolute path being specified. This is needed for the implementation of custom impellers as individual impeller objects (through individual .mxo MixSim impeller object files).

For this to work on Windows, two conditions must be met:
- The path to the Fluent.Inc directory may not contain any directory whose name begins with "0", "a", "b", "f", "n", "r", "t", or"v".
- The ACIS (.sat) file (or any other file with identical name) may NOT be available in MixSim's current working directory, which is usually the directory in which the MixSim model (.mxm) file has been saved before generating the Grid.

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