Mixsim2: Windows: Cannot write compressed case and data files (.cas.gz, .dat.gz), gzip process fails

In one test of the whole production test matrix, MixSim2.0 failed to write compressed (gzip, .gz) case and data files after it had already worked once before within the same session.

NOTE: For gzip to work properly on Windows, the environment variable "TEMP" must contain a path that doesn't use any directory name that has more than 8 letters in its name..!!

- Keep MixSim from attempting to save files automatically after iterations have run: Un-check the "Save Case" and "Save Data" check boxes in the "Solve---Iterate" panel.
- Save uncompressed files by hand, using the "File---Write---Case-&-Data" menu item.
--- See more information in the following "Resolution" item of this "Solution"..!
Another workaround:
Before running iterations and having MixSim save case and data files automatically, type the following two lines into the MixSim console:
(set! *ms-compress-case-files?* #f)
(set! *ms-compress-data-files?* #f)
This will change MixSim's behaviour so that it will always save UNcompressed (binary) files by default. This will increase the size of the files by any factor between 25% and 50%, and may also speed up the saving of case and data files.
If you don't want to have to type the above lines into the MixSim consle each time you've launched MixSim, you can put these two lines in your ".mixsim" file in your $HOME directory. (To find out which directory is your home directory, type `(getenv "HOME")´ into the MixSim console, or...
- on Windows, type "set HOME" at a command line prompt
- on Linux, type "env | grep HOME" at the command prompt where you launched MixSim.
The ".mixsim" file should be created as a simple text file without any formatting.

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