How to stretch/scale one dimension (not all three) in FIPOST?

I have a model in which the thickness is much, much less than the width and length.
Is there a way to only scale the thickness, say increase it by 10x, during FIPOST so that I can more
easily resolve details associated with the thickness? SCALE apparently works only by
scaling all directions, not just one.

If you are referring to viewing the results only, you can use window (stretch).

From FIPOST documentation:

In the command mode, the aspect ratio of the displayed model can be stretched from the default 1:1 ratio to fill the entire window by issuing the following commands:



or as a single command


where the order of the commands or the order of the RESET and STRETCH keywords is important. Stretching remains in effect until canceled by a WINDOW ( NOSTRETCH) command.

The stretch functionality can also be accessed at the end of any plot whenever the "?" cursor is displayed. If the "= " character is entered at this point, the program enters the "stretch mode". Once in this mode, if a cursor zoom is initiated, the selected area (no matter what the aspect ratio of the selected area) will entirely fill the window when it is re-displayed. Any other graphics manipulation commands used at this point, for example, rotation, translation, etc., will maintain the stretched aspect ratio of the display. To return to the non-stretched mode, the "= " graphics manipulation command should be used again. It is important to note that, both in the case of the STRETCH/ NOSTRETCH keyword on the WINDOW command and the "= " graphics manipulation command, the request is effected on the next plot displayed and not on the current plot.


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