How to increase FIPOST memory for plots?

When I run a large number of iterations (say, 12000) and then go to make a
convergence plot in FIPOST, I get a message stating I have insufficient memory for the
operation. How can I bump up this memory so that I can make a plot of convergence, and
thereby deem my solution integrity?
There are three ways:

Bump the FIDAPmem in FIDAP870cofig file. This is more like a permanent change. It will always use this memory for each fidap job even for a small 2d. On my computer I have set it at 25 MW.

Another way is to launch fidap with the memory needed:

fidap -id test -g -fidapmem 50e6

Last one is to increase the FIDAPMEM using CONFIG button in GUI before launching fipost. If you are out of memory in FIPOST, abort out of it, change the memory using this method, and then go back to FIPOST. With command line, you can type


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