Contours display produces contour plot of other quantity than has been selected

Mixsim 2: Post-processing trouble in MixSim AND when switching to FLUENT, and in FLUENT 6 stand-alone when re-reading in the case and data file:

I set-up a vessel with a Klopperboden bottom, bottom shaft, high-efficiency impeller, and round baffles. It meshed fine. I ran 5 iterations and did some quick post-processing. In both Mixsim 2 and Fluent, the max velocity when displaying velocity vectors on the impeller was less than when displaying contours on the impeller. Contours were fine.

I then added a cylindrical hex region and remeshed the model. It meshed OK :-) I ran 10 iterations and post-processed.

Now, when I selected contours of velocity magnitude, it showed me contours of z-coordinate - in both Mixsim and Fluent!

I did pretty standard post-processing - creating some iso-surfaces of constant grid and displaying velocities only. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if it only impacted Mixsim, but it is a big problem because it impacts Fluent as well. When reading the case and data file back into FLUENT, this problem still occurs, although the first time I selected contours of pressure and displayed on x=0 and y=0, it was OK. I then selcted velocity magnitude and it displayed OK. I added the impeller wall and clicked display and FLUENT displayed contours of z-coordinate. Obviously, this is connected to displaying zone surfaces (i.e. "real" objects, like shafts, baffles, impellers, the tank wall...
There is a simple WORKAROUND:

The MixSim model files and the mesh files are clean!

They can be used in a new MixSim session by first reading the Model and then reading the (appropriate!) mesh using the menu item "Grid---Load-Existing-Grid-File...". After running the case setup (i.e. requesting zero or more iterations and pressing "OK" in the "Solve---Iterate" panel), even old data can be loaded and used, because the mesh is the same as in the failing first run.

To prevent misunderstanding: The problem described here will only appear when more than one configuration is meshed, and the case set-up and solved in the *same* MixSim session!

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